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Code of Conduct

Last updated: 2021-10-07

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” - Chief of the Army, Lieutenant-General David Morrison 

We have created this code of conduct to help build a community based on kindness and mutual respect where we can come together to exchange ideas, find new opportunities and become better investors.

We expect you to abide by this code of conduct. We also expect you to help enforce it by using the ‘Report’ feature on a post you think falls short of this code of conduct. Help set the standard of the kind of community you would enjoy using every day.

 This rules that comprise the code of conduct have been written to be clear and concise for easier digestibility and recall. They should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Rule 1 – Be nice.

Remember we are human. Be nice. It’s okay to be critical, disagree or challenge an opinion but be polite and/or respectful. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all. Don’t be that person who resorts to personal attacks, rudeness, put-downs, swearing, name calling, abuse, harassment, trolling, flaming, or baiting or sarcasm. Help build a friendly, inclusive community where all people feel welcome and participate regardless of expertise, experience or identity.

Rule 2 – Make a meaningful contribution.

Help other people become better investors. Post content that contributes in a meaningful way or helps educate others. Ask good questions and provide helpful answers. Upvote posts where the poster has gone to some effort or generously shared their expertise to offer you something useful, interesting, plausibly contrarian, informative or well researched. Downvote posts where the poster has gone to no effort, is off-topic, contains incorrect information, is poorly researched, fails to communicate effectively or is at odds with our forum rules.

Karma voting is the community consensus on how meaningful your contributions are, so if you Karma starts to decline then it might a signal to change your approach.

Rule 3 – Don’t try and game or manipulate the site.

Multiple accounts, pump-n-dump, sock-puppet accounts, acting in concert as voting blocks. Our detection systems are getting better all the time with machine learning to identify bad actors. If your MO is to manipulate other investors, then this site is not for you. Use the platform for the purpose it was intended – to become better investors, find new opportunities and exchange ideas.

Rule 4 – You are responsible and potentially liable for what you post.

Don't be that keyboard warrior who hides behind a username. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you bear the full responsibility and any potential legal liability of what you post. This includes but is not limited to breaches of copyright, defamatory statements, accusations, rumours and lies. It is okay to be critical of a company and/or directors but do so without harming their reputation. Remember, defamation can occur without mentioning a person’s name or without meaning to cause any harm.

Rule 5 – No financial advice.

ASIC have their own rules for stock discussion sites like this one. Please read them in full. Don’t give financial advice to anyone and don’t take anything posted as financial advice.

Rule 6 – Nothing illegal, racist or sexist that violates the rights of others.

We take a zero-tolerance stance on anything that is illegal, encourages someone to do something illegal or violates the rights of others. This includes but is not limited to race, religion, ethnicity and gender identity. No porn, nothing sexually suggestive nor morally objectionable. If your grandma wouldn't approve then neither would we. This is an investment community for investors about investing.

Rule 7 – No spamming, promotion or advertising.

Do not use this platform for spam, promotion or advertising without prior written consent.