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Committed to be Australia's new #1 stock discussion forum

Bullseye™ is a new stock research and discussion platform that uses Upvotes and Downvotes to keep Trolls at bay. Cut through the noise and follow members who have high Karma. Gauge sentiment, protect investments and find new opportunities.

Gauge sentiment

Join Australia's newest investment community to temperature-check companies and topics you follow. Tap into the Wisdom-of-Crowds for research, opinions and ideas. Bullseye™ is a modern discussion community that rewards quality over quantity with Karma points. Think of Karma points as Up-votes minus Down-votes, although our exact formula is a trade-secret. Posts that contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way get Up-voted, resulting in more Karma. Useless, rude, ramping or flaming posts get Down-voted. This way our members can filter by quality and authors earn a reputation and status in recognition of their contributions.

Threads and posts

Bullseye™ combines traditional discussion threads with Twitter-style posts to interact with your followers.

Filter the noise

Sort and filter thread replies to show the up-voted posts.

Join a community that rewards quality over quantity

Follow authors you respect

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Block muppets

Open moderation policy

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Find new opportunities

Research companies and get in early for new opportunities. Bullseye™ combines a modern discussion forum to gauge sentiment with innovative ASX share market research tools that help you navigate licensed ASX data.


Search ASX announcements

Ever wanted to keyword search the content inside an announcement PDF? Now you can.


Uncover hidden gems

Filter ASX companies by industry and sector. Keyword search and sort by market capitalisation.

Follow investment topics

Posts, articles and announcements related to topics and themes automatically added to your feed.

Australian Made

Laser-beam focused on the user experience

We have built Bullseye™ from scratch, right here in Australia specifically for Australian investors. Our laser-beam focus on providing the best possible user experience meant we could not merely slap our logo on off-the-shelf forum software. Starting with a blank canvas allowed us the freedom to design the kind of stock market research platform we ourselves would want to use.

Vote for what features we add next

We are working around the clock to build Australia's new #1 stock discussion forum. In keeping with our laser-beam focus on the user, peek inside our product roadmap and vote for what features we should work on next.



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