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Bullseye is a modern stock discussion forum that gets back to the basics of why people discuss stocks in the first place.

Discussing stocks is a vital part of any investors toolkit. It taps into the Wisdom of Crowds to gauge sentiment and temperature check companies. Exchanging ideas and opinions helps find new opportunties and protect existing investments through education, awareness and access to domain expertise.

Bullseye combines discussions with research tools and comprehensive ASX market data, built from the ground up specifically for Australian investors.

We’re committed to be Australia's new #1 stock discussion forum

Here's how:

  • First, we are 100% laser-beam focused on our community. Our members are critical to everything we plan and do and is the fundamental reason why we exist – our core value. Our mission is to help people become better investors. It’s our Why.
  • Second, build an excellent platform. Discussions where quality is rewarded over quantity using a Karma voting system to filter out the noise. Innovative research tools with market data to find new opportunities. As a team, we are giddy with excitement about the possibilities to slice and dice market data with member-generated sentiment to further help investors.
  • Third, humility and patience. We know our place in the world. We know it is not going to be easy and will probably take several years to achieve our mission. Listen to our members, keep improving the platform every month and never lose sight of our Why.

Bullseye is a self-funded, privately-owned Australian company based in Melbourne with no external investors.

Bullseye Logo

Our mission is to help people become better investors, through education, awareness and the exchange of ideas and opinions. Our goal is to become Australia's new #1 stock discussion site.

Kurt Lingohr

CEO and Founder