Taking the "L"

Bullseye is being shut down. I took on HotCopper and Lost. I'm taking the "L" and moving on.

Entrepreneur life goes like that - you win some and lose some. No hard feelings, it has been a fun and interesting ride.

The goal was to build a better investing forum that educates and helps investors by promoting great content from great minds. 

A big thank you to everyone who registered on Bullseye and gave it a go. Especially Dr Daniel Tillet and the RAC fan club!

If you registered on Bullseye, your user account details and personal data will be deleted as they are no longer required. 

Even though the forum has been shut down, we have learned a great deal about the industry, from the inside out. A few new ideas could spring from the original idea of Bullseye to help investors. 

Should you wish to stay in touch and follow the journey, follow me on Linked In or Twitter.

To your investing success!

Catch you 'round like a rissole.